The 8 Best Farm & Ranch Insurance Plans of 2022

1) American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance has been protecting and insuring farmers for over 90 years, and their agents are part of your community. They understand farmers and know how to help you build a farm insurance policy with coverage thats customized to your farms unique needs. Some of the coverages included in a farm and ranch policy are dwelling coverage, farm personal property coverage, fair rental value coverage, farm outbuilding coverage, and farm liability coverage. There are also many optional coverages available, such as farm equipment breakdown coverages, farm income coverage, replacement cost coverage for irrigation systems, and additional farm and ranch property coverages. American Family also has loss control resources available to help you take care of your business and reduce claims and losses. If you are a farmer or rancher, talk to your agent today to get a quote and find out more about how American Family can help protect your livelihood.

About AmFam: American Family Insurance is a Wisconsin-based mutual insurance company that primarily sells property and casualty (P&C) insurance, although it also offers life insurance, annuities, and other financial products. The company operates in 19 states, with its largest market share in Wisconsin, where it is the largest provider of P&C insurance. American Family also insures more farmers than any other company in the United States. American Family is known for its innovative products and services, including its usage-based insurance program, which allows customers to save money on their premiums by driving safely. The company also offers a variety of discounts, such as for bundling policies, insuring a home with green features, and having a good driving record. American Family has an A.M. Best rating of A (Excellent).

2) Great American Insurance Group Agriculture & Farming Insurance

Great American Insurance Group's Agriculture & Farming Insurance is a great option for farmers and ranchers looking for protection for their livelihood. The company has been insuring farms and ranches for over 100 years, and offers a variety of coverage options to suit the needs of any operation. From Multiple Peril Crop Insurance to Equine Mortality coverage, Great American has a plan to fit the needs of any farm. One of the great things about Great American's coverage options is the ability to customize a policy to fit the specific needs of the farm. For example, the company's Equine Mortality coverage can be stacked to create a policy that is tailored to the farm's individual situation. This flexibility is a huge benefit for farmers, who often have to deal with a variety of different risks. Another benefit of Great American's Agriculture & Farming Insurance is the company's commitment to helping farmers prosper. From dedicated claims teams to broad coverage abilities, the company's specialists are there to help farms thrive. This commitment to customer service is a big selling point for the company, and is something that farmers should definitely take into consideration when choosing an insurance provider.

About Great American Insurance Group: The Great American Insurance Group is a leading provider of insurance and financial services in the United States. The company offers a variety of insurance products and services, including property and casualty, life and health, and commercial insurance. Great American also provides a range of financial services, including investment management, retirement planning, and estate planning. The company has more than 30,000 employees and operates in more than 40 states.

3) Statefarm Farm and Ranch Insurance

Statefarm Farm and Ranch Insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers a wide range of potential risks for farmers and ranchers. The policy includes coverage for farm buildings and structures, farm personal property, liability protection, and medical expenses. It can be customized to fit the specific needs of the policyholder, and provides excess liability protection in case of larger claims. Statefarm Farm and Ranch Insurance is an affordable and comprehensive option for farmers and ranchers looking to protect their assets and livelihoods.

About Statefarm: Statefarm is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States. The company offers a wide range of insurance products, including auto, home, life, and business insurance. Statefarm is a financially strong company, with an A.M. Best rating of "A++" (superior).

4) USAA Farm & Ranch Insurance

Farm and ranch insurance from USAA offers protection for your home, farm equipment, and livestock. Coverage options are available for hobby farms, commercial operations, and estate farms. You can tailor your policy to your specific needs, and get coverage for liability, property damage, and legal fees. USAA also offers standalone tractor and equipment insurance.

About USAA: USAA is a financial services company that offers insurance, banking, and investment products to members of the military, veterans, and their families. USAA was founded in 1922 and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

5) Anco Agribusiness, Farm & Ranch Insurance

Anco Insurance is a Texas-based insurance company that offers farm and ranch insurance programs to agricultural businesses throughout the United States. No two farms or ranches are alike, and Anco Insurance recognizes that each one has unique insurance needs. The company works with its clients to tailor policies that provide the coverage they need to protect their businesses. Anco Insurance offers a variety of coverage options for farms and ranches, including farm premises liability, drought/hurricane insurance, product recall insurance, livestock floater coverage, livestock/animal mortality, and equine/horse insurance. The company also offers general business insurance policies, such as commercial auto, equipment, workers compensation, and umbrella insurance. For small farms and ranches, Anco Insurance offers personalized insurance plans. The company works closely with its clients to identify their needs and find the best coverage for their businesses. Anco Insurance has offices in Bryan-College Station, Waco, Houston, Austin, and Livingston, making it easy for farmers and ranchers to get the coverage they need.

About Anco: Anco Insurance is a regional insurance company that serves the needs of businesses and individuals in the Southeast. The company offers a full range of insurance products, including property and casualty, life and health, and commercial lines. Anco is a trusted source of insurance coverage and offers competitive rates and excellent customer service.

6) Country Financial Property & Medical

Farmers have a lot to worry about - from the weather to the health of their crops and livestock. That's why Country Financial offers farm property insurance to help protect farmers' investments. Standard coverage includes protection from fire, storms, tornadoes, and more, while additional protection is available for things like machinery and livestock. Liability and medical coverage are also available to help protect farmers in the event that someone is injured on their property.

About Country Financial: Country Financial is a group of insurance and financial services companies serving about one million American families and businesses. Country Financial serves communities in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Arizona.

7) Nationwide Farm and Ranch Insurance

Nationwide's Farm and Ranch insurance policy is a comprehensive policy that covers a variety of farm and ranch operations. The policy is tailored to the needs of each individual farm or ranch, and provides coverage for home and contents, ranch personal property, ranch structures, and liability protection. The policy also offers optional endorsements and coverages for additional protection. Nationwide's farm agents are certified and trained to understand the specific needs of each farm or ranch, and to provide the best possible coverage at a reasonable cost.

About Nationwide: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, founded in 1926, is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. The company offers a full range of insurance and financial services products, including auto, property, life, and commercial insurance, as well as annuities, mortgages, and other financial services. Nationwide has more than 36,000 employees and operates in 37 states and the District of Columbia.

8) North Star Mutual

North Star Farm Insurance offers comprehensive protection for farming investments, including dwellings, outbuildings, machinery, livestock, and more. Customized policies are available to fit the specific needs of the farm, and coverage can be added for additional locations, incidental business activities, and more. North Star Mutual has the farm expertise to understand the farmer's needs and provide the best possible coverage.

About North Star Mutual: North Star Mutual is a mutual insurance company located in Cottonwood, MN that has been providing peace of mind to policyholders for over 100 years. North Star Mutual offers a variety of property, casualty and crop insurance products for individuals, families and businesses. It has a history of financial stability with a rating of A (Excellent) by A.M. Best. With over $1 billion in assets and more than $85 million in net written premium, North Star Mutual is one of the 100 largest mutual insurance companies in the U.S.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Farm and Ranch Insurance

What is farm and ranch insurance?

Farm and ranch insurance is a type of insurance that is specifically designed for farmers and ranchers. It is a highly customized policy that includes basic coverage and then allows the policyholder to add on additional coverage based on the specific needs of their farm or ranch. The amount of customization available can be quite detailed, and it is important for farmers and ranchers to work with an insurance agent to make sure that their property is fully covered.
Farm and ranch insurance typically includes coverage for the dwelling, outbuildings, and personal property. It may also include coverage for liability, loss of income, and farm vehicles. The amount of coverage and the specific coverages included will vary depending on the needs of the farm or ranch.

What is typically covered under farm insurance?

Farm insurance covers most aspects of running a farm, from the machinery and equipment used to the animals themselves. Farm insurance policies typically cover farm machinery and equipment, livestock, and farm products.

The coverage for each of these categories can be broad or specific, depending on the needs of the farmer. Farm machinery and equipment coverage protects against financial loss or damage to the machinery due to covered perils. This can include everything from tractors and combines to portable irrigation equipment and fences.

Livestock coverage usually includes protection against death or injury due to a covered peril, as well as extended coverage for things like disease, attacks by wild animals, or loss of use.

Farm product coverage typically covers items like feed, grain, and seed that are stored on the property.

This coverage does not typically extend to crops that are growing or have been planted.

Farm liability coverage is similar to a standard home insurance policy, and covers things like bodily injury, medical expenses, property damage, and attorneys fees associated with covered incidents. This coverage is important because even under the most careful precautions, accidents can happen.

What is not typically covered under farm insurance?

There are a few items that are not typically covered by farm insurance.

Fencing is one example while it is necessary for many farms, it is not usually covered by farm insurance policies. This is because the cost to insure fencing can be prohibitively expensive, and there are many different types of fencing, each with its own cost.

Another example is fire while most farm policies include fire coverage, there are some conditions that can result in an exclusion.  One of these is road accessibility if a fire truck cannot reach the farm buildings due to a lack of paved or solid gravel roads, the fire coverage may be excluded. Similarly, if a farm does not have a water source that is accessible to fire trucks, the fire coverage may be excluded. This is because in order to extinguish a fire, fire trucks need to be able to reach both the water source and the farm buildings.

Finally, farm insurance policies typically do not cover technical malfunctions. This means that if a piece of machinery breaks down due to a technical malfunction, it will not be covered by the policy. Overall, farm insurance is a comprehensive type of insurance that covers most aspects of running a farm.

Farm Insurance is highly customizable, so be sure to ask what your policy covers.

Should you get farm insurance?

Of course, it depends.

Farm insurance is designed to protect against a variety of risks, including those related to structures, livestock, and employees. If you have any of these things on your property, farm insurance may be a good option for you.

One key factor to consider is whether you have any structures on your property that are used for an agricultural purpose. If you do, farm insurance can provide coverage for these buildings. This coverage is important because standard home insurance policies may not provide enough protection for structures used for agriculture.

Another factor to consider is whether you have any income-earning livestock on your property. If you do, farm insurance can provide coverage for these animals. This coverage is important because standard home insurance policies may not provide enough protection for livestock used for agriculture.

Finally, you should consider whether you have any employees working on your property. If you do, farm insurance can provide coverage for potential liability situations and workers compensation claims. In some states, you may be required to have workers compensation insurance if you have two or more employees.

Overall, farm insurance can be a good option for those with structures, livestock, or employees on their property. However, it is important to weigh the costs and benefits of farm insurance before making a decision.

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