US Farming and Farmland Statistics – Updated 2021

This page contains statistics about the farming industry in the United States, compiled by Farmer Jane. Sources for the data are cited below. Our staff will continue to update the page with statistics as they become available. We hope you find these facts and figures helpful.

There are approximately 2 million farms in the United States.

There are 897,400,000 acres of farmland in the US.

The average farm is 444 acres of land.

Approximately 98% of farms are family owned and operated.

Farming accounts for about 1% of US GDP.

The farming industry employs 965,000 workers.

Gross cash farming income is forecasted to be $451 billion in 2021.

The average age of a farmer is 26.

Approximately 25% of farm products are exported.

Women make up 36% of farm operators.

The US is the world’s #1 producer of corn.

Farmland is valued at $3,160 per acre.


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