Temra Costa and Deborah Koons Garcia shared the airwaves on Green 960 AM for their show, The Queens of Green. To listen to Temra and Deborah’s past and present shows, check out their website and podcast here.

Green is GoodAlcoa's Gregory Wittbecker and 'Farmer Jane' Author Temra Costa. Check out the podcast here.

Big Vision PodcastBritt Bravo interviews Temra Costa on the Big Vision Podcast This interview is also transcribed on Blogher -

Heritage Radio Network

Heritage Radio Network’s Nicole Taylor interviews Temra Costa

The Super Natural MomTemra Costa interviewed by Beth Greer, The Super Natural Mom, about high fructose corn syrup

Edible RadioRadio interview with Edible Communities


Cooking Up a StoryCooking Up a Story: For sustainable food activist Temra Costa, women rarely get their proper due in agriculture. Her book, "Farmer Jane", shines light on woman farmers, sustainable food activists, and other women whose important efforts helped shape our modern food system.

Natural Product Expo West interview with Temra CostaTemra talks about “Farmer Jane” at Natural Product Expo West


Natural Product Expo West interview with Temra CostaWhat’s Temra’s recommendation for a quick snack? An interview at Natural Product Expo West in Anaheim, CA

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